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For us, AI stands for "augmented intelligence" that enhances human intelligence rather than replaces it.

American Medical Association: "the term augmented intelligence (AI) as a conceptualization of artificial intelligence that focuses on AI’s assistive role, emphasizing that its design enhances human intelligence rather than replaces it."

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Autumn Lang, Ph.D., RAC, Director Clinical Affairs

We Facilitate Groundbreaking Studies on AI in Ophthalmology

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Should we not have what you are looking for, we are happy to point you to other studies without our involvement. In any case, reach out to us!

Coming Soon Investigator Initiated Studies on the impact of AI on Ophthalmogist's decision making

The focus of the studies we support is on the implementation of AI in clinical routine and how it benefits ophthalmologists. We are in constant exchange with leading AI researchers from related disciplines like radiology and pathology, psychology and human factors, and public health to make sure we can bring state-of-the-art research approaches to our work in AI for ophthalmology.