From research to clinical practice

We Work with Leading Doctors and Scientists 

Our Clinical Advisory Board consists of leading experts in retinal therapy. We also take state-of-the-art AI research for ophthalmology and translate it into practice. And most importantly, we work with leading ophthalmic networks and institutions to validate our approach. We and our research partners received 5 research grants to date to advance retinal therapy together and are involved in leading human-AI-interaction research, too.

Read up on the Science Behind our Approach

Our approach is based on a clinically proven method. We translate this 2nd opinion approach validated on thousands of patients and in more than 60 ophthalmic practices into the deepeye® precision medicine platform. The AI we use for that has also been validated on numerous datasets. Read up on the key publications that deepeye is based on and further leading researchers by our research partners in the field of ophthalmology AI.

We Facilitate Clinical Research

Our tools are part of several studies currently in preparation. Reach out if you want to learn more!