Founded by clinicians + experts to fight preventable blindness

Despite effective retinal therapy, still millions go blind every year. Our medical co-founders have demonstrated how to overcome this issue. Now, we scale their 2nd-opinion-approach globally - using AI.

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Visual acuity outcomes over time:

Green delta: improvement potential we try to leverage with our AI-based 2nd opinion for anti-VEGF therapy

Our History

Core of Our Mission 

With over 100 million individuals globally facing the menace of vision-impairing retinal diseases, the urgency to act is undeniable. A significant two-thirds of blindness cases in the EU and the US are attributable to these diseases, most notably nAMD.

Our precision medicine platform is based on a clinical-proven method that elevates therapy outcomes by up to six-fold in two steps:

Our bold vision is to prevent 1 million people from blindness by 2030. By equipping ophthalmologists with AI-powered foresight into their patients’ futures, we are enhancing optimal therapy prognosis, while fundamentally redefining the fight against retinal diseases. Top pharma players and medical associations already harness deepeye’s AI for research purposes, unveiling new insights into therapy data. With a network of leading scientific research partners, we are on our journey to deliver therapy decision support with just a click at the point of care.

Our Experienced, International Team

deepeye has become a fast-growing medical device software startup based in Munich, with a team of experts spread across Germany.

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