The deepeye® Suite

New Therapy Insights for Ophthalmology

Eine Patientin bei gerade von einer Arzthelferin ein OCT-Bild aufgenommen wird.

Treatment Planning Support

We develop 1-click predictive AI solutions for personalised treatment. They are based on a proven clinical method using expert 2nd opinion to achieve up to 3x better results + 2x therapy persistence over 24 months and 2'466 patients compared to standard-of-care.

deepeye® TPS

Disclaimer: AI does not replace a doctor's decision. TPS is not yet available for sale and clinical use.

Ärzte bei der Auswertung von OCT Aufnahmen

Retinal Therapy Research

We analyze retinal therapy datasets for new insights. Our approach takes the proven approach of one of the leading reading and study centers in the EU, involved in all major phase III+IV trials for anti-VEGF agents in the last years to the next level.

deepeye® Research

Disclaimer: deepeye® Research is not a disease screening or pure biomarker detection tool, rather a retinal therapy study tool.

Our Partners

These partnerships enable us to bring our 2nd-opinion-approach to more ophthalmologists globally - faster!

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