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Empowering Your Practice

With deepeye, embark on a journey towards significantly enhanced treatment outcomes. Experience a seamless workflow, enriched with precise analysis of 3D retinal scans (OCTs), enabling more informed decisions in retinal therapy, particularly through intravitreal injections (IVI) utilizing anti-VEGF inhibitors. Your path towards optimized patient care begins here.

Eine Patientin bei der Ankunft am Tresen der Praxis

Benefiting Your Patients

deepeye isn't just a tool, it's a commitment towards improving the lives of individuals afflicted with retinal diseases. With our AI-driven prognostics, prepare your patients for a better tomorrow, armed with a proactive treatment plan, reducing the treatment burden and fostering a future with clearer vision.

Clinical Outcome Enhancement

More than just data, deepeye delivers actionable insights, aiding in robust treatment planning that overcome the limitations of conventional treatment regimen like T&E, PRN, IVAN, and CATT. Our pursuit of algorithmic refinement aims to redefine the treatment narrative for retinal diseases towards a (patient) need-based "predict & treat" (P&T).

Why do we think it is possible to improve upon the current state-of-the-art?
Real-world studies show that anti-VEGF therapy outcomes can be improved:

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